Color WOW Dream Smooth Box

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If humidity and external factors are your worst enemies, then Color WOW Dream Smooth Box could be your answer to silky smooth hair. Coloured hair needs extra protection, without being left with product residue and heaviness. That is why the shampoo, conditioner and spray in the kit are all designed with heat-activated polymer technology, keeping hair light and bouncy. Blow drying your hair brings the polymers to life, compressing each strand of hair and creating a ‘shield’ against external factors.

The Set Contains:

Color Security Shampoo (250ml)
The shampoo that gently cleanses hair without leaving behind any residue or greasiness. Unlike most colour-safe shampoos, the lightweight formula channels Japanese amino-fortified complex to keep hair strong without drying it out.

Color Security Conditioner (250ml)
Massaging the detangling, nourishing conditioner through the lengths and ends of your hair will transform dry, thirsty locks into dazzling, vibrantly coloured hair. With no ingredients typically used within conditioners, that can turn the hair brassy, you can guarantee your colour will remain untouched.

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray (200ml)
Free of silicone, the deeply nourishing humidity-proof spray adds texture and volume to hair prone to frizz and flatness. Heat-activated polymers create a veil against moisture, that would usually cause coloured hair to lose its style and liveliness. Protects hair for up to 72 hours or three washes.

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